Roommate Move-outs and Transfers

When more than one person is on the lease, they must work out an agreement with each other and they must obtain approval from RST to remove the person from the lease. RST will not release a person from the leases unless the remaining occupants can qualify for the unit themselves. Remaining resident s may have to submit new income information and have a credit check run before removal of the departing resident from th lease occurs. The security deposit is something that must be worked out by the residents and RST does not get involved unless all residents s are vacating the premises.

If the resident who is moving out is going to be replaced by a new resident, he/she will need to go through a credit processing and approval by the office. In order to apply, the prospective roommate will need to submit a credit application, a copy of a picture ID, proof of income to the manager or the office, and will pay a processing fee.

RST & Assoc. does not refund any partial Security Deposits. The departing resident(s) will need to be reimbursed by the remaining resident(s).

New roommates assume the apartment in “as is” condition. Management will not be responsible for painting, cleaning/carpet cleaning or make any alterations or improvements at the time of the transfer unless it is routine maintenance. No walk-through will be performed by management at that time.