How do I pay my monthly HOA dues?

You may deliver payment in any of the following ways:

Enroll online using GoZego.com. First obtain your owner ID# from RST and then visit the GoZego.com website to enroll.

Mail your check to our office. Be sure check arrives prior to delinquency date.

Drop off your check at our office. You may drop it off 24 hours a day. When the office is closed there is a mail slot to the right of the front door of the building through which you can drop your payment. Never drop off cash. Checks or Money orders only.

Use your bank bill pay service. Be sure that you include your owner ID# on your check.

When refinancing or selling how do I order documents?

Click here to order documents. The cost is $175 for a full set of documents. $75 for completion of lender questionnaire. Documents will be delivered within 3 business days from our receipt of your request and payment. Payment must be payable to “RST & Assoc.”

Will I get a bill each month for the dues?

Typically homeowners will receive a monthly billing statement. But remember whether or not you receive the statement your dues must be paid timely or you may be charged a late fee.

Who do I contact about maintenance requests?

Contact RST at maintenance@RSTrents.com for requests that are an HOA responsibility. For repairs within your unit that are an owner responsibility you should contact a vendor of your choice and work within the HOA requirements. For example many HOA’s require vendors to be licensed and insured before they may work anywhere on thee property.