Management Services

Office Hours:

Our offices are open five days a week. Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

24 Hour Emergency Services:

Residents can always reach a live person instead of dealing with answering machines. Our after hours service will respond to emergencies any time our office is closed. Technicians familiar with our portfolio and your property are on call to handle any emergency.


  • Market and advertise your vacancies.
    • Internet Advertising
    • Local advertising
    • MLS
    • Signs
    • Photography
    • Video Tours
  • Show units, hold open houses
  • Negotiate terms
  • Screen all prospective residents and the guarantors.
  • Document condition of unit at time of move in and move out.


  • Handle maintenance requests from residents.
  • Track required maintenance tasks such as smoke detector inspections.
  • Utilize a work order system for all maintenance requests.
  • Utilize a customer service ticket system to ensure requests from residents are responded to in a timely manner.
  • We have an extensive list of qualified vendors for all maintenance issues all of whom have been properly vetted. We track their insurance and require current evidence of liability and workers comp coverage.
  • We will utilize vendors of the client’s choice when a client has a preference. We do not force a client to use only vendors with whom we have a relationship.
  • Invoices are never marked up. Our fee is the fee quoted in our maintenance agreement. There are never any hidden fees or participation payments collected from the vendors.

Rent and Fee Collections:

  • Collect, deposit and account for all rents and other amounts due under the lease agreements each month, this includes fines assessed that are a resident responsibility.
  • Serve notices to pay or quit and or perform or quit as needed.
  • Coordinate evictions as needed.
  • Residents may utilize on line payment services, or may mail or deliver checks to our office.
  • Rent increases are tracked and delivered in a timely manner. You may be as involved in the decision to raise rent and amounts of increases as you choose to be.
  • If residents move out owing our clients money we will package the file and send it to a collection agency to pursue collections when the laws permits this to be done.
  • Resident charged back for damages they cause which are tracked and collected.

Smoke Detector Inspections:

  • Every six months each unit is inspected.
  • During the inspection smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are checked, all plumbing fixtures are inspected and toilets are inspected.
  • During inspection if any damage is found caused by the resident the resident is charged for the repairs of those damages.

Property Inspections:

  • In addition to the property supervisor who is on the property regularly, an independent inspector visits the buildings we manage once every six weeks and prepares an inspection report of the common areas of the property.

Resident Relations and Enforcement of Lease Terms:

  • Enforce the building rules and other lease terms.
  • We require all residents to carry renters insurance for their protection and the protection of our clients. This is closely monitored, including the renewal of the policies.
  • RST will treat your residents with respect at all times.

Legal Updates:

  • We try to keep our clients up to date on changes in the local, State and Federal laws that affect their properties. When we become aware of these legal issues our clients know about it shortly thereafter.
  • Through our affiliation with apartment owners associations, local and state officials and through the California Association of Realtors we typically are amount the first to hear about potential changes in the law. This give our clients an edge as they hear about these things before the general public.

Financial Reporting and Accounting:

  • Process and Payment of all bills for goods and services provided to the property.
  • We use Yardi management software.
  • Monthly Financial reports alway delivered on time by the first business day of the following month.
  • Additional reports can be added at Client’s request.
  • Monthly Report package includes copies of all paid invoices.