HOA Management Services

Office Hours:

Our offices are open six days a week. Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

24 Hour Emergency Services:

Board Members and homeowners can always reach a live person instead of dealing with answering machines. Our after hours service will respond to emergencies any time our office is closed. Technicians familiar with our portfolio are on call to handle any emergency.

Budget and Annual disclosures:

  • Prepare and deliver annual budget packet to association membership to include all required disclosures and reports.

Assist Board of Directors in Performance of Their Duties:

  • Help guide Board members in the scheduling of meetings. Preparing and delivering notice of meetings and help conduct the meeting.
  • Prepare agenda
  • Distribute Board books for meetings
  • Distribute minutes once approved by Board
  • Help Association run their elections
  • Assist in hiring professionals needed to run the Association, including but not limited to, Reserve Study specialist, attorneys, and accountants.
  • Maintain records and files for the Association


  • Handle maintenance requests from Board an homeowners
  • Obtain bids for goods and services
  • Track required maintenance tasks such as fire extinguisher recharging
  • Utilize a work order system for all maintenance requests.
  • Utilize a customer service ticket system to ensure requests from Board Members and Association Members are responded to and addressed in a timely manner.
  • We have an extensive list of qualified vendors available to attend to all maintenance issues, all of whom have been properly vetted. We track vendor insurance and require current evidence of liability and workers comp coverage.
  • We will utilize vendors of the client’s choice when a client has a preference. We do not force a client to use only vendors with whom we have a relationship.
  • Invoices are never marked up. Our fee is the fee quoted in our maintenance agreement. There are never any hidden fees or participation payments collected from the vendors.

Dues and Special Assessment Collections:

  • Collect, deposit and account for all amounts charged to members Serve notices to pay or quit and or perform or quit as needed.
  • Members will receive via email a monthly billing statement for the association dues and any other charges.
  • RST will enforce the Association collection policy as stated in the Association governing documents.
  • Owners may pay their dues online or by mail. On line payments are posted within 24 hours and do not require writing a check.

Property Inspections:

  • Property walks will be conducted in accordance with the frequency stated in the management agreement. During any such property walks violations will be documented and owners will be notified of any such violations.

Legal Updates:

  • We try to keep our clients up to date on changes in the local, State and Federal laws that affect their properties. When we become aware of these legal issues our clients know about it shortly thereafter. RST does not dispense legal advice but will pass along legal updates with are routinely received from respected law firms throughout Los Angeles. We strive to keep our clients well informed.

Financial Services and Accounting:

  • Code compliant accounting which includes monthly bank reconciliations, monthly and year to date comparisons.
  • Process and Payment of all bills for goods and services provided to the property/Association.
  • We use Yardi management software and Zendesk.
  • Monthly Financial reports are always delivered on time within the first five business days of the following month.
  • Standard reporting package includes, Cash Flow, Homeowner Directory, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, AR Aging, AP Aging, Expense Distribution.
  • Additional reports can be added at Client’s request.
  • Monthly Report package includes copies of all paid invoices.